Two and a Half Dragonbon

Journal of a Lamb of Savhen :Anai's Journey


I write this in hopes that if I perish someone will know the plight of my people, perhaps someone will tell my tale and perhaps another could carry on.

When I left home I knew the world was harsh and broken, the goddess spared my people but few were as fortunate as we were.
Far from the protection of the Lady of Light, I fear I had lost hope.
Not long after I had stepped out into the darkland I found myself beneath the earth once more. In hellish tombs of molten stone and fire, chained by creatures I had only heard frightening stories of, I feared this was the end.

After countless cycles of work, I wished for only death, to return to the embrace of Savhen and be free from such torture. But the Goddess did not send me death, she sent me hope. A tentative hope covered in scales, but hope none-the-less. Two men born of dragons came to my aid, and we fled with death at our heels barely escaping our captives.
I pray these men of dragons are truly messages from Savhen, a gift to aid me on my journey, a shimmer of hope for my people.



Noa TheEyesofSyn

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