Two and a Half Dragonbon

Kai's Chronicle- Caves

It’s been so long. The hope of returning to the outside world had almost completely escaped my mind. Were it not for my divine responsibility, I believe I would have cast myself into the fire long ago. But now, the fates shift. Dust drifts down from the ceiling as a small tremor grips the room.

The overseers guarding the exit go to investigate, leaving me and the other slaves alone with the poorly armed taskmasters. I glance around the cave. We are all thinking the same thing, it is obvious. The other dragonborn across the river of magma shouts something unintelligible. I blink as I piece together the phrase in the tongue of my people. Now is the time. The goblin watching me has turned to witness the scene unfolding across the way. I steel myself as I slink behind him.

If Bahamut blesses this strike, I will know that my actions are justified. That is what I thought as I gathered my energy to attack the goblin. It is what I thought as I watched him screaming and writhing in the lava below. With each goblin that fell to my hand, I told myself, The great dragon allows his power to be used for this, so it must be right. I wish I could believe it.

When the bloody melee is over, the only ones alive are me and two other slaves- the dragonborn from before and a young human girl, who appears to possess a magical power of some sort. She reluctantly takes the lead with the other dragonborn confidently taking shelter behind her. I follow, keeping watch on both of them. I remain cautious in my hope that this is the moment I have been waiting for. If it is, I pray these people make it out as well.

My new allies are fearful, rightly so. They hurriedly lead through the crumbling tunnels as we clash with goblins along the way. Sometimes they make decisions that don’t make any sense to me. Yet here I stay, following. The gods appear to deem us worthy of survival, albeit just barely.

We reach a wide-open room with a giant bugbear guarding the exit. I prepare myself to fight the thing, but the others begin spouting a false story in an attempt to reason with it. I am left standing by dumbly as they work together to craft a mad tale of challenge and insult from the goblins below, which now somehow seems to be convincing the creature. I tag along uselessly as they lead it on a futile hunt for a dragon, which eventually opens an opportunity to escape.

I stand guard as the human slips through a gap between boulders, the last barrier between us and the surface. The other dragonborn is approaching now, with an angered bugbear close behind. As he passes, he takes me by the arm and pulls me with him. The bugbear lashes out with its flail and snares my leg, threatening to drag me back, but a timely blast of holy fire causes him to lose his grip, and I barely escape along with the others.

Panting, I look up to my friends, utterly humbled. I owe my life to these people. We owe our lives to each other. Although the barren desert stretches before us for miles, for the first time I have no doubt that we will survive. Bahamut has set us upon the path of our destiny, and although it abounds with pain and struggle, nothing can stop the will of the gods.


Noa keekatzerz

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